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Edge Hill Teddy Bear

Edge Hill Teddy Bear

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Introducing the "Edge Hill Teddy Bear" – your cuddly companion for the exciting journey ahead! This adorable teddy bear comes dressed in an exclusive Edge Hill University hoodie, proudly representing the spirit of Edge Hill. Whether you're a new student or a returning one, this bear is here to make your transition to university life warm and welcoming.

The Edge Hill Teddy Bear isn't just a plush companion; it's a symbol of the university's rich history and a source of comfort for those embarking on their academic adventure. The soft and huggable bear serves as a friendly face, ready to share in the joys and challenges of campus life.

But that's not all! As you progress through your university years and reach the significant milestone of graduation, you can upgrade to the "Edge Hill Graduation Bear." This special edition bear dons a cap and gown, celebrating your academic achievements and the unforgettable memories made during your time at Edge Hill University.

Whether you're moving to university for the first time or simply looking for a loyal friend on campus, the Edge Hill Teddy Bear is the perfect companion. Embrace the warmth of friendship, create lasting memories, and, when the time comes, continue the tradition with the matching Graduation Bear. Welcome to Edge Hill, where every bear becomes a cherished part of your academic journey.

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